Leather History

   Leather, used to meet the needs of human beings is one of the first material. Used for wrapping the primitive ages the skin, then the war scabbard, quiver as the stirrup, and has become a material of strategic importance.
Leather sector is necessary for the production of raw material, is supply of livestock sector. Obtained from the skins from slaughterhouses and other slaughterhouses operating patterns, and according to the traditions of local protection, oil and other foreign substances, cleaned, classification is done, is made can be stored. Hides, meat by-products of production, the value is of primary importance in terms of side-product.
Since the 15th century, the Turks in their respective sectors, a leather, became one of the important sectors of the second half of 20th century. Leather industry has a structure very old and well-established, although the early years of the Republic, from father to son last and maintain the character of the guild who had a job as a branch, but encouraging and supportive measures to a variety of development programs through the shell started to change. The leather sector, the effectiveness of the state, began with the establishment of Sumerbank. Tanning and shoe production work, for many years was one of the industry-leading events. Starting in 1950, and the private sector in Turkey a more liberal-oriented application development and trade policy, private initiatives in the sector increased its share to reach hundred percent and led to the present day.


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