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1983... a new trade mark is welcoming a very new breath in the world of mode... Maraşlıoğlu.
 This first step to have the best, meet the leather to quality in Istanbul.

 Maraşlıoğlu whom transferred it's power to Izmir in 1986, is still on the path of success with which leads them to the target.

 Maraşlıoğlu whom is now continiuing their production in the 10.000 sq.m establishment in Izmir-Menemen Leather Free Zone lives the magic of garment industry in all the steps of it's production line.

 With its dye section where it lets feel the first breeze of the mode wind, which lets the leather gain the enthusiasm of the colors, from cut the sewing who always act precise with the understanding of quality, Maraşlıoğlu gives it's name to Quality...

 The quality that is being created with the latest technology by these persons who give all their education and accumulation is one of the most important facts that create Maraşlıoğlu...

 This mastership which shows itself is now supported with the new technologies in all stages of the production...



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IZMIR FREE ZONE Ataturk Street 7/A Maltepe Koyu, Menemen, IZMIR, TURKEY
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